Chicago Playwright List

est. 2013


What is this?

A no-frills list of Chicago-based playwrights.

Why make this list when there's Google?

To make it easier for lit managers to find Chicago playwrights, and to encourage playwrights to take control of their web presence.

Literary managers spend a lot of time tracking down playwrights. It's a pain, especially if the playwright doesn't have a website.

How do I get myself listed?

There are only two requirements:

  1. You are a playwright based in or around Chicago.
  2. You have your own website with play and contact information.

The Chicago Playwright List doesn't vouch or vet for playwright quality. That's not the point. The point is to encourage playwrights to make themselves web-accessible.

Are you qualified and interested? Let us know at chicagoplaywrightlist at gmail. We want this list to be as inclusive and diverse as possible – a list that looks like Chicago.

What counts as a website for the purposes of this list?

A site that gives you, the playwright, full control over the website's content. Facebook and Twitter don't count. Doollee doesn't count.

So what does count? We're very excited about the New Play Exchange, which has a nominal fee if you want to set up a playwright page. Something as simple (and free) as a wordpress site also works great. Play around! Get inspired by some of the websites on the List. Teach yourself some basic HTML and CSS. If you can format a script, you can handle a website.

Who maintains the list?

My name is Joe Zarrow. I'm a playwright and actor, and the Chicago Playwright List is a labor of love.

The List

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